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At AglayArt we dedicated to the representation, distribution and sale of all types of furniture, objects, products, etc.
We characterize and differentiate for a great commitment for the quality of all our products.

We have quality and antique furniture made of noble woods. All are restored responding to furniture style and time.
Also, they have been treated with insecticide against xylophagous, and can fully guarantee their protection.

In our various objects,, you will find real curiosities, as well as collector items, very difficult to find.
Some parts have been restored and others have remained perfectly preserved.

The products that we distribute and represent are aimed at a market related to the protection, restoration, beautification and final finishes of materials such as wood, iron, metals, etc. These products give an appearance to the materials very hard to find, and always respecting high standards of quality and elegance.

All prices are quoted without TRANSPORT.

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Calle Atanasio Menéndez, 11 bajo 33.212 Gijón - Asturias -Spain

Tel. y fax(+34) 985 312 601 - Mail